Future Skills powered by CHQ.

What is Future Skills?

Future Skills is powered by CHQ. The Future Skills assessment is a tool that allows individuals and organisations to assess their future skills and they ability to succeed in the future of work. The Future Skills assessment will provide you with an indication of what your natural inclinations are when working in an innovative environment, or in any environment that is uncertain and ambiguous.

The questions in the Future Skills assessment are based on actual situations that have repeatedly occurred in Creative HQ’s structured innovation programmes. Since 2014 the Future Skills questions, and algorithms have been refined and calibrated. To date over 10,000 people from all walks of life, all ages and across all types of organisations have completed the assessment.

Assessments completed

About CHQ

CHQ is New Zealand’s leading provider of structured innovation programmes for startups, corporates and government. Since 2005, we’ve delivered hundreds of innovation initiatives, working with over 12,000 individuals across our incubation, acceleration, youth entrepreneurship, corporate and public sector innovation programmes. Over these years and through our work with entrepreneurs, youth, corporate employees and public sector staff we have learnt a lot about the nature of innovation and what works/doesn’t work. We have been able to observe patterns that have led to insights applicable to all innovation work.

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