The Future is here.

The way we work is changing. In order to be future-ready and stay ahead of the change, we need to focus on nurturing our future skills.

Automation, AI and robots are a reality that is no longer confined to sci-fi movies. Most economists, researchers and futurists don’t believe us humans will all of a sudden become redundant. According to an article recently published on the World Economic Forum‘s website, in 10 years time, 50% of jobs will be changed by automation – but only 5% eliminated. However, it does mean that skills which can be automated (such as accounting, administration, processing etc.) are likely to be less in demand in the future.

Fortunately, there are a lot of skills that are relatively easy to master for humans, but very difficult to automate, and there are also skills which most customers prefer to be done by humans (can you imagine swapping your trusted hairdresser for a robot?).

Many of these skills have been grouped under this new term called “Future Skills“. As it turns out, many successful innovators and entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs, tend to be really good at these Future Skills.

Want to find out how your natural talents measure up against Future Skills? Take our Future Skills Assessment (for large organisations, startups and youth) now.

What are the skills of the future?

We’ve identified 21 Future Skills and competencies, that will be essential in the future of work. From dealing with uncertainty and making decisions based on incomplete information, to developing resilience and empathy.

The Future Skills assessment will help you identify what are your most developed skills of the future, and which ones might need some extra work. You’ll also find out what your Adaptability and Entrepreneurial Quotient score are. 

These results will provide a guideline for individuals and teams to better understand how they might meaningfully contribute when participating in structured innovation programmes.


Who's the Future Skills assessment for?

The Future Skills assessment is the perfect tool for anyone with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, and for those working in jobs where innovation and agility are important.

A Future Skills profile will help you gain greater awareness of what your natural inclinations are, and what areas you should focus your professional development efforts on. The Future Skills assessment can also be used by project managers and HR managers, to assemble a high-functioning team or to unlock the full potential of their current employees.


Step up your game.

Do you want to step up your game and stay ahead of the curve? Or perhaps you are a manager looking to unlock your team’s full potential? The Future Skills assessment will help you gain a better understanding of both your skills and your team’s skills and it will help you keep a competitive edge in the future of work. 


Start on the right foot.

When starting a business, you are often running on a shoestring budget. Having the right mix of skills within your team can make the difference between a successful venture or a fast fail. Find out your innovation persona, and what skills you should be looking for when building your team.


Get ready for the future of work.

You might still be in high school, trying to decide your next move, or perhaps you are already halfway through your university degree. Either way, this assessment is a great way to get to know yourself better and understand what skills you need to focus on.

You’ll be ready to land your first job in no time! 

Get future-ready.

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